I am one of those who never knew need, who always had food on her plate, who was born to more possibilities than a single life can hold.

It may just be that this luck was what allowed me to think about all elements of life more deeply, more purposefully. It has driven me to strip down my life and interests to some primitive values : a roof, a dinner, a family, fabric on my back. To those raw elements I try to give another dimension, one that is decidedly of today : an aesthetic, a mood, a meaning.

To those needs I have never needed, I give all my attention and dedication : to grow some herbs on a tiny patch, to sew my garments together, to put together a room into a home, to choose the ones I make my family and care for them, to cook, to grill, to photograph, to edit.

In a time where all art forms have been pushed to their limits, deconstructed, altered, we, as a generation, are learning to make life a form of art in itself, to give it time, attention, and beauty.

Baking a crusty loaf of bread, and watching it rise on the counter, quickly sketching the scene of a café atmosphere, plating your food before swallowing it down, hearing music in the city’s beating heart, might just be a new way to creativity.

Through boredom, and easy lives, we have learned a new skill which is to see the beauty and art in what is already there, where the human touch simply binds it together, brings it to a standstill, immortalizes it.



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