Dashi, tofu, dill and peas.


A few years back, in my non vegan days, I tried a dish in a norwegian restaurant that meddled the traditional tastes of codfish, bacon and dill with the japanese dashi. This simple association between two extremely elegant food cultures was incredible. The flavours stuck with me for a few months, then was relegated to the back of my mind as I turned away from meat and fish.

It is only two months ago, as I decided to make vegan dashi for the first time and experimented with vegan “bacons” that I started flirting with the idea again.

The core flavors are the same : the subtle dashi, crispy flavor rich bacon, fresh dill, sweet green peas, and a soft white tofu to replace the cod.

To make this plate you will need :

Silken tofu
Tofu bacon bits
Fresh or frozen green peas

Bring your dashi to a simmer and allow it to cook the peas for a few minutes (you want them to remain slightly crunchy, fresh). At the same time you can steam the tofu on top for a few minutes, or warm it up in your oven at 120°C if it is really soft.

In a pan, fry some of your bacon bits until warm and crispy; then chop your dill.

To dress the plate place your square of tofu in the middle of a shallow plate, pour the dashi on top, then scatter the bacon on top (preferably on top of the tofu so it does not lose its crisp) and some dill.



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