Salted Caramel Sauce.


Even if you have not yet joined the anti sugar lobby, using dates in place of sugar in a caramel sauce allows you to get the sweet burnt flavor of caramel without the sickening effect of the white sugar. As someone who has never been too keen on sweets, it is my favorite way of making it.

In the true briton style, this sauce is thick, creamy, and salted. It can be used as a cake topping, to make a fruit salad slightly more indulgent, frozen and placed in the middle of a chocolate muffin (…), or the way I like it best: on a buckwheat galette.

Salted caramel on buckwheat crêpes immediately takes me back to gloomy afternoons spent in Brittany, when the rain is pouring outside the windows.

Cards AKIP A


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