Shiitake Rice Paper Raviolis.

Assuming you have rice paper sheets in your pantry, this is one of the quickest (and best) ways of making raviolis. These are steamed, which makes them soft, slightly chewy, and allows them to melt in your mouth but you can choose to pan-fry them in a little bit of oil for some crisp.

Because they use rice paper, I have chosen an asian like filling with shiitake mushrooms, ginger, soy and sesame. You could however use this technique with other more commong mushrooms, or any other filling of your choice. I am thinking tofu, seitan, or soy protein in the vegan “meat” category, or other vegetables (sweet potato, eggplant, greens…). You should just make sure your filling is not too humid and holds some bite to counterbalance the softness of the rice paper.


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